Welcome to Victorious Hockey


Mission Statement:

The mission of Victorious Hockey Company is to educate and assist players, coaches, families and teams in order to help them achieve their individual and team goals on and off the ice. We will help players, coaches and teams instill the values to help create not just better hockey players, but more importantly better people while instilling the tools needed to become athletically, academically and personally successful.

Who We Are:

Victorious Hockey Company is comprised of coaches, advisors and educators at the highest level of their fields all dedicated to the welfare of youth, junior and college hockey players, coaches and teams. Our company leaders have decades of junior hockey experience and success at the highest levels with players thriving both on and off the ice. Our company staff each have years of expertise in their chosen fields, whether hockey, training, advising and/or academics.

What We Do:

Family Advising – Using every member of the Victorious Hockey Company staff, we advise families of players as to the best options in proceeding with their hockey careers. Not all player is created equally, so finding the right fit for each player is of utmost importance for their development.

Coach Advising – Victorious Hockey Company will invite coaches to join our network as a client offering coaching education, clinics, camps and consulting. Coaches within the VHC network will help with evaluations of our player clients. Select coaches will become employees or interns within VHC, helping manage players and possibly serving as volunteer assistants under two of the most successful coaches in North American junior hockey history.

Team Consultants – New or established teams may utilize the expertise of the Victorious Hockey Company leadership and staff to educate themselves on how to run a successful hockey program on and off the ice. These teams could become affiliate programs with VHC with teams and coaches operating under the standards created by VHC. Affiliate teams will have a leg up, particularly at the Tier III level, when it comes to priority player placement of VHC player clients.

And much more to come…

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